As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin blasted President Donald Trump for his tendency to insult mostly African Americans on social media. “Who does the president attack on Twitter constantly? African Americans,” Toobin said, adding, “It’s always black people that he’s attacking.”

Now we’ve heard this argument before — essentially every time Trump insults an African American — but Twitchy favorite Rob Province didn’t take long to come up with a handy selection of tweets showing Trump insulting plenty of whites, like “dumb as a rock Mika [Brzezinski].”

At today’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders echoed that finding, telling reporters that Trump is an “equal opportunity” insulter.

Is the media really going to stick with this accusation? Because we happen to remember back in October 2016, just weeks before the election, that The New York Times dedicated a full two-page spread to catalog “each and every person, place, and thing Donald Trump insulted since declaring his candidacy.” You’d think if most were African Americans, the Times would have played that up.

The Times managed to come up with 281 insults, and no, they were not mostly directed at African Americans.

Hey, check out the photos across the bottom of the spread — we see white people: Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton, among others.

From our piece at the time:

Other insults documented among the hundreds catalogued include “dishonest,” “bad,” “broken,” “failing,” “not good,” “not nice,” “boring,” and “terrible.” Apologies to anyone who was triggered by hearing those hurtful words.

America has enough unfunny insult comedians that there’s no need for an insult president. But if Trump accuses Charles Blow of “bad reporting,” is that necessarily an insult? He even dared call NBC News — the network that recently tried to stealth-edit Andrea Mitchell’s claim that rape allegations against Bill Clinton had been discredited — “very dishonest.”

OK, Charles Blow is black, so Jeffrey Toobin must be right. However, the Times even considered it an insult when Trump called whoever firebombed the GOP’s headquarters in Orange County, N.C., “animals.” See, even then they were triggered by the word “animals” — it’s not an insult reserved for MS-13 members.

Guys — find something else to gripe about, because this bit about racially motivated insults just doesn’t fly.