We already had one caption contest about a D.C. police officer being given the finger by one of the “anti-hate group” members who came out in droves Sunday to protest the tiny “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, but this video requires some attention as well.

Forgive us for misgendering if we do, but it appears this trans woman wasn’t happy with police officers ensuring a group its right to peaceful assembly. This video comes courtesy of USA Today’s Christal Hayes (Caution: naughty language warning.)

All cops are racist, don’t you know — that’s why they were protecting the Unite the Right group. But seriously … calm down.


Yeah, we’re looking at you, Chris Cuomo, Brian Fallon, Jeffrey Goldberg, and John Hendrickson. Just like Normandy.

Yeah, we didn’t forget. Here’s the proof you’re still an idiot.