As Twitchy reported, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were driven from a restaurant where they were having breakfast and accosted by a crowd of protesters with bullhorns. A tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper on the incident inspired The Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles to tweet this:

Well, it’s true — the photos and video don’t lie. But somehow “Chernobyl Diaries” actor Jonathan Sadowski decided to jump in and change the subject to abortion — sorry, women’s reproductive rights.

No, not like that at all really.

That’s when Sadowski started hitting the checkpoints in the whole “a fetus isn’t a baby” argument book, including this one which was quickly deleted:

Maybe he thought twice about that one after reading some replies:

Wow, what kind of dorks would have a service to mourn a miscarriage, right?

Take 2? Maybe stick to the approved Planned Parenthood talking points this time.

Actually, it’s not that unusual to come up with a name for that fetus before it passes through the vaginal canal and magically becomes a baby.

“Fetuses aren’t babies, bro.” We’re convinced.

And just so we’re clear, Sadowski sees no problem with a black conservative woman being accosted by an angry white mob? Got it.