CNN’s Oliver Darcy sort of gave up the game when he tweeted that the media should be given more credit for having Alex Jones removed from platforms such as YouTube and Facebook; we knew the mainstream media acted as the gatekeepers for what we saw and heard, but it was something to hear one of their own solicit thanks for getting an independent voice banned.

As long as the cat’s out of the bag and we know the media can (if it wants to) target a site or page for “de-platforming,” The Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway had a request of sorts:

Hmm … we did notice that Berkeley Antifa uses its Facebook page to coordinate “protests,” like this one at which they attempted to smash the windows of a Marine recruiting office. Sounds like they also tried to intimidate the videographer.

Sounds like a great bunch of kids — can the media give us some backing in getting their page removed from Facebook? Maybe every Antifa page? Looks like they bloodied at least one guy in Portland this weekend in a tussle over the flag.

Hmm …


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