Despite Hillary Clinton’s video saying that women should be heard, believed, and supported, it took a while for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to get tough on former senator Al Franken and call for his resignation.

After sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against Franken, Gillibrand said it was “his decision” whether to resign and left it at that. Later, at Politico’s “Women Rule” event, Gillibrand said she was “very troubled” about the allegations, but wasn’t going to ask for Franken’s resignation “today.”

Finally, after more allegations surfaced, Gillibrand finally pulled the trigger, saying “it would be better for our country” if Franken stepped down.

That was back in early December, and Democrats are still haven’t forgiven Gillibrand for caving on Franken. As Twitchy reported in February, women donors were shunning Gillibrand, with one telling Yashar Ali, “she shouldn’t even bother to call.”

Now HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel is checking in with donors, and they’re still furious at Gillibrand.

Of course, a column in Tuesday’s Boston Globe by Michael Cohen reminding readers of what Franken had been accused didn’t ingratiate him with liberal readers.

Talk about kicking the hornets’ nest.

Hillary chucked that out the window with her “heard and believed” video, and people threatened Education Secretary Betsy DeVos when she tried to set the due process ship aright at universities by “rolling back” Title IX.

We’re not sure what this next tweet means, exactly, but we don’t doubt Gillibrand has 2020 on her mind.