First off, we’re excited to welcome back to Twitter Dr. Eugene Gu, the Resistance darling who successfully sued the president to unblock him on Twitter. (He still has us blocked, though.)

When we last checked in with Gu, he had decided to take a break from Twitter after posting an extremely long and sexually explicit thread in which he explained that he had launched a second Twitter account under the name Mary Laury not to stalk and emotionally manipulate an ex-girlfriend but just to create a handy alibi. (Read about that hot mess here if you missed it.)

But now he’s back and ready to mix it up again, this time responding to this tweet from President Trump:

Forget Manafort — Gu thinks the contest is between Al Capone and Trump, and it’s not even close.

We told you were we excited Laury — um, Gu — is back online.

Hey @Jack … isn’t it kind of weird to allow Gu to keep his blue check after pretending to be other people on your platform for really sketchy reasons? Remember that “conversational health” talk we had?