CNN’s already given Alyssa Milano the panic button and published an op-ed of hers in which she calls 3D-printed guns “downloadable death,” but not everyone who read it was reduced to curling up in the fetal position.

Even though the technology to do this has been around awhile, Washington Post columnist Max Boot claimed it was the Trump administration that was going to “allow” felons, terrorists, and the mentally ill to make their own “ghost weapons” at home.

Would it also be correct, then, to say that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “allowed” more than 3,000 people to get shot in his city last year without a single 3D-printed gun? That’s nuts. Why doesn’t someone pass a law?

We’re really hoping another shiny object catches the press’s attention Tuesday.

The U.S. media would never blow anything way out of proportion. By the way, when’s CNN’s town hall on this subject?

Boot doesn’t even mention that Trump is allowing people to print guns so they can form their own Trump army, right?

Yep, warm up those 3D printers for the Blue Wave everyone.