Ah, San Francisco. It’s the city where they’ve banned plastic straws but your commuter train driver has to warn you to be careful not to sit down on used syringes.

The only question: what to ban next? The Observer says that free employee lunches in tech companies’ in-house cafeterias might be on the chopping block if the city has its way.

Like the tweet says, when tech companies offer their employees free lunch in-house, nearby restaurants suffer. So on Tuesday, two city supervisors introduced a bill that would ban future companies from providing in-house cafés:

“We see thousands of employees in a block radius that don’t go out to lunch and don’t go out in support of restaurants every day, because they don’t have to,“ Ryan Corridor, owner of Corridor, a restaurant in downtown San Francisco, told CBS.

Corridor sees a surge of lunch customers only every other Friday, when Square, a payment processing company located a five-minute walk away, closes its employee cafeteria.

“You can’t compete with free. Free food is a wonderful amenity but doesn’t do anything to extend the community around it,” Gwyneth Borden, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, wrote in an open letter.

So knowingly passing HIV to another person is only a misdemeanor, but in-house cafeterias will be banned outright.

Nailed it.