Ambassador Nikki Haley still looks like an inspired GOP candidate for 2024, but she sent some shockwaves through Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit when she warned young conservatives about “owning the libs” online — it feels good, but it doesn’t persuade anyone, nor does it show leadership, she proclaimed.

Now the very much alive Sen. Orrin Hatch is up to bat at the high school summit, and he’s echoing Haley’s advice about owning the libs just to own the libs.

But we like owning the libs. Sure, the victory is short-lived, but it’s a victory day in and day out. How about if the Senate gets to work confirming Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS to own the libs. THAT would be owning the libs.

And come on … Hatch’s social media person is a master at owning the libs; look at how badly they owned PETA when those left-wing nuts asked for people’s best argument for eating bacon. That was prime ownage.

We hope Hatch’s social media people continue to own the libs. Here they are owning liberal Chuck Schumer: