As Twitchy reported, Disney removed director James Gunn from “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” after old tweets resurfaced from when Gunn considered himself a “provocateur” — tweets about child rape and how hilarious it was when a monkey ejaculated on a child actor.

Some conservatives, like Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro, defended Gunn against his firing, while other outlets like Breitbart and The Daily Caller published posts saying not so fast — let’s take a closer look at this guy before passing judgment on Disney. Sen. Ted Cruz called Gunn’s old tweets “evil” and wondered if he should be investigated.

The thing is, we’ve just gotta ask: what’s the deal with “jokes” about child rape and pedophilia? On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly published a piece about “Community” and “Rick and Morty” creator Dan Harmon and why he deleted his Twitter account:

We’ll get to a still from that video a little further down, so be forewarned before scrolling any further.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

“In 2009, I made a ‘pilot’ which strove to parody the series Dexter and only succeeded in offending,” Harmon wrote in a statement obtained by EW. “I quickly realized the content was way too distasteful and took the video down immediately. Nobody should ever have to see what you saw and for that, I sincerely apologize.”

The video, titled Daryl, is a five-minute spoof of Showtime’s long-running series Dexter, and was posted to Channel 101, the website Harmon co-founded in 2009. The video follows Daryl (played by Harmon) as he enters a home through a window, removes his pants, and rubs his genitals on a baby doll while partly naked. The logline provided by Channel 101 reads, “Originally made with Showtime, Dan Harmon presents a groundbreaking new show about the darker side of therapy.” Harmon calls the character “a baby rapist with a heart of gold.”

“A baby rapist with a heart of gold.”

Um, here’s that still we warned you about:

We’re not big on boycotts, and we haven’t heard anything about Cartoon Network taking any action. But come on; like someone said above, who has these thoughts — and then writes a script and hires a camera crew and airs the damn thing before realizing it might be over the line?

In other old tweets news, Twitchy favorite Rob Province on Tuesday dug up this gem from Sarah Silverman, who made some sexually explicit videos in support of Obama’s 2012 campaign:

Jump forward eight years …

“I thought it was dumb when I posted it” and “comedy is subjective” should cover it.

So what jokes upset liberals? Staffers over at The Verge and Vox got bent out of shape over CRTV’s “interview” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because it was “bad satire” and “reprehensible.”

Here’s the deal — we really don’t want to see political sides trading scalps by digging through old tweets … even if CNN does have a staffer dedicated to digging up old dirt. But we have to ask again: what’s the deal with “jokes” about baby rape and child molestation? There seems to be more of it out there than just James Gunn, and that’s not funny.

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Someone dug up another defense of Silverman and her cringe-worthy old “work.”