We’ll give David Hogg credit for one thing: he realizes, even if most of his supporters do not, that the March For Our Lives is a special interest group, just like the NRA.

Except the March For Our Lives won’t be giving out any campaign contributions or endorsements, because the group believes you shouldn’t be running if you need money from special interest groups.

Pretty much.

Not an unfair question:

According to NPR, the march on Washington itself cost $5 million, and the group still had “several million dollars” left over for “continued lobbying and other activism.” We’ll bet there are plenty of Democrats who would love some of that money in their campaign coffers, and we’re not sure what the nonprofit is going to do with its millions, aside from “voter education and ballot initiatives.”

We’re pretty sure the grown-up politicians and activists who comprise the March’s board have already picked a side, but we’ll see.