As Twitchy recently reported, actress Scarlett Johansson — who already took “whitewashing” fire for accepting the lead in the Japanese manga adaptation “Ghost in the Shell” — is in trouble again for planning to play a trans man in the tentatively titled “Rub & Tug.”

Johansson shot back by noting critically acclaimed performances by Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman.

We’d point you to Daniella Greenbaum’s take on the subject over at Business Insider’s website, but we can’t, because the piece has been memory-holed, and Greenbaum resigned over it.

See? Right there — she said “men and trans men!” As if trans men aren’t men. She’s lucky she wasn’t fired. Or jailed for hate speech.

Greenbaum lists in her resignation letter some other “problematic” (i.e., conservative) takes that she’d hoped to write about, such as the inanity of safe spaces, accusations of cultural appropriation, and the animals of MS-13. Maybe someone else will pick her up, and soon?

In the meantime, where are the other journalists defending Greenbaum’s right to free speech?

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Here’s an interview with Greenbaum if you’d like to know more.

Yeah, we’ll bet Brian Stelter’s already been in touch.


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