As Twitchy told you Tuesday night, The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol announced that the Becoming American Initiative would be running an ad on Fox News the morning of July 4 “to remind our fellow Americans, Republicans and conservatives that we are a nation of immigrants, and stronger for it.”

We’ll admit, we thought it was a little insulting for a “conservative” like Kristol to remind Republicans and conservatives specifically that America is a nation of immigrants — maybe someone could remind Democrats and liberals that America is a nation of legal immigrants and, like every other sovereign nation, has borders.

That said, we conservatives are happy to wish editor and Twitchy favorite Charles C. W. Cooke a happy Independence Day … his first as an American. He became a citizen Feb. 23 of this year, having applied for a visa in 2011 and slowly working his way through the system to full citizenship.


Can we get a shout-out from Bill Kristol?


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