David Harsanyi had a great piece in The Federalist Tuesday explaining why it’s not necessary, as so many Democrats now claim, to “fix” the broken Electoral College, the Supreme Court, and the filibuster. No, maybe it’s the Democrats’ agenda that needs repair.

We’ve seen it, from Ezra Klein suddenly proposing a way to “fix” the Supreme Court to Ian Millhiser tweeting #AbolishSCOTUS.

Harsanyi writes:

If you’re under the impression that the system exists merely to facilitate your partisan agenda, it’s not surprising that you also believe it’s “broken” every time things don’t go your way. This is why so many Democrats argue that we should “fix” the Electoral College when they lose a presidential election and “fix” the filibuster when they run the Senate and now “fix” the Supreme Court when they don’t run the Senate.

That drew out The Week’s Damon Linker, who thought it was a winning argument to bring up the popular vote again:

Ah, they’d “just have to accept that the system is rigged.” Come on, man, it’s been a year and a half.

If you’re worried about a rigged system, talk to Bernie Sanders.


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