We have to admit, we love this live clip from CNN just for the fact that the reporter on the scene says he won’t use the woman’s last name “for her own protection” — just seconds after the anchor gives out her full name on the air.

But something’s up. We’re not saying there’s anything fake about this video, but we’d bet good money this is not what CNN was expecting to get when it sent a camera crew to Dulles International Airport to capture the moment a mother was united with her son who was separated from her at the border.

This aired Friday, and people are still passing the video around days later, saying something seems … off.

Again, we’re not saying it’s fake, but it’s certainly not the heartbreaking reunion CNN was hoping for. Nice try, though.

There’s no follow-up on the reunion on Wagner’s Twitter feed, but there is this nice video of protesters hauling around a dog crate with a baby doll in it, ’cause that’s accurate.

There sure are a lot of people asking questions. Is it wrong that we’re kind of worried about this boy? What does anyone else think?


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