We’ve already mentioned in a post today that Ben Shapiro was actually banned from stepping on the campus of DePaul University, where he was scheduled to speak on the topic of campus intolerance.

Campus progressives might freak out any time Shapiro is scheduled to speak, but those who actually sit and listen rather than protest hear anything but “far-right” trolling. So we’re wondering just what The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern was watching Friday night — it certainly wasn’t Shapiro’s appearance with Bill Maher.

Stern reserves most of his disgust for Maher, whom he claims allows “these rank opportunists to exploit his HBO platform for personal gain, casting them as thought leaders instead of the Trump-era trolls that they are.”

In other words, Maher needs to stop booking people who think differently, like Bari Weiss and Colion Noir:

On Friday, Maher welcomed another delusive dimwit onto his Real Time program: Ben Shapiro, the former Breitbart editor whose preferred shtick is complaining about leftist “identity politics” and “victimhood”—even though the guy will not shut up about that time some teenagers protested his talk at Berkeley.

After some very light prodding by Maher, his guest conceded that he may someday vote for a Democrat if the Dems would “stop being insane” and “present a face that doesn’t look like people shouting down people at gas stations or entering restaurants and trying to throw them out”—a classic bit of intellectual dishonesty, striking a false balance between tepid protest (politely refusing to serve an administration official at a restaurant, some booing) and the systematic separation and imprisonment of brown immigrant children in order to gain political concessions.

OK, so how does any of that even put Shapiro in the ballpark of the “far right”? Seriously, dude, settle down or just change the channel if you can’t handle an adult discussion.

And The Daily Beast? Oh yeah, tons of credibility there.


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