There are already plenty of hot takes rolling in on the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy — liberals are not happy and they’re not being quiet about it. How dare he retire knowing Trump will get to appoint a nominee?

Slate wasted no time in shaming Kennedy for destroying his legacy as a hero of the LGBT movement by not waiting to retire until a Democrat was in the White House.

Mark Joseph Stern writes:

Court-watchers have long wondered which part of Kennedy’s legacy the justice himself was most interested in preserving. Would he wish to save Citizens United, allowing unlimited corporate electioneering, and other landmark conservative rulings favoring federalism, gun rights, and Republicans? Or would he rather safeguard [same-sex marriage case] Obergefell and its predecessors by retiring under a Democratic president guaranteed to replace him with a gay-friendly justice?

On Wednesday, we learned the answer, and it’s a grim one for LGBTQ Americans. Their marriage rights were secure so long as Kennedy sat on the court with four liberals. In his absence, there is a very real chance that nationwide marriage equality will become a thing of the past.

So, Kennedy today has destroyed his legacy as a gay rights hero?

Calm down, everyone.

That was fast.