David French, senior writer at National Review and Bill Kristol’s personal choice to run against Donald Trump as an independent conservative,  posted this thread Monday, as it was clear the news cycle was turning from “concentration camps for children” to civility, and whether civility was even a consideration when dealing with an administration like Trump’s.

In an environment where you have agitators chasing people out of restaurants, protesting in front of their homes, and doxxing ICE and DHS agents for harassment (and being encouraged to do so by at least one congresswoman), French makes some great points:

Well said.

Believe us, there were plenty of party-line objections to French’s point (“It’s conservatives’ fault for being evil!” “No one was more divisive than Obama!”), but some people seem to have gotten the message.

Now if we could keep the media from stirring the pot to keep the weekly narrative of outrage in the headlines, maybe things could cool off.


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