We realize we’ve hit our readers with a lot of blue-check writers going off the deep end today, either fantasizing over Neil Gorsuch’s death or calling for more administration officials to be harassed in public.

David Klion describes himself in his bio as unemployed and a mediocre prose writer, but he does have a blue check and some of his short prose works are getting noticed on Twitter today, such as his call for action against the right-wing junta running the country.

A junta … isn’t that a military group that rules a country after taking power by force? When did that happen?

Hmm … “any tactic” that reduces the junta’s power is morally legitimate? Interesting. We’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

No kidding.


Now that the mainstream media has managed to turn Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Red Hen incident into a news cycle about resisting by any means necessary, people are beginning to get a little antsy.

Hey Twitter, you might want to have a look at some of your verified users if you’re serious about cleaning up hate speech on the platform.