You must know by now that TIME’s powerful cover of Donald Trump staring down at a crying child separated from her family at the border is bogus; the child and her mother were never separated, she wasn’t seeking amnesty, and the photographer caught the crying child at the moment her mother put her down to be searched by the border patrol.

Earlier Saturday morning, NBC’s Chuck Todd stood up for TIME, noting that it “wasn’t a good look” to point out their false narrative.

Focus — we’re talking about one wrong: TIME’s. The one that has progressives chasing people out of restaurants because they’re so worked up over media coverage of things that happened during the Obama administration.

Falling back on the familiar “Republicans pounce” formula, Oliver Darcy wrote in CNN’s email blast about how “the pro-Trump media weaponized the mistake.” (Funny how those who called out TIME on bad reporting are assumed to be pro-Trump.)

If you expect professional journalists to fact-check their stories before publishing them in a race to establish the narrative, that’s a bad look?




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