The Daily Caller on Thursday is reporting on a class-action lawsuit brought by the American Immigration Council and the American Civil Liberties Union over the conditions at illegal immigrant detainment facilities in Tucson, Arizona.

That lawsuit was announced in 2015, and the American Immigration Council published photos of the conditions at the facilities.

Benny Johnson reports:

While the most scathing critiques in the debate are directed at the Trump administration, much about the Obama detainment practices mirrored — almost exactly — the practices for which Trump is currently being criticized.

Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities, kept immigrant adults and children in cages, separated families, prosecuted hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and deported millions more.

Personal accounts from immigration lawyers tell a tale of Obama openly admitting that his administration was using family detention as a deterrent. In fact, the conditions in Obama’s illegal immigrant detainment facilities were so abhorrent that they inspired a lawsuit.

Huh … Anthony De Rosa, digital production manager at “The Daily Show,” thinks showing similar abuses during the Obama era is “an interesting new talking point from the right-wing media.”

“What’s the problem?” is not the question at hand; the question is why the “left-wing media” is only now covering the conditions at detention facilities to the point where Peter Fonda is calling for Barron Trump to be locked in a cage with pedophiles. Where was the left-wing media on this issue between 2008 and 2016, when this lawsuit was filed?

Speaking of left-wing media, here’s CNN’s Jake Tapper with an ACLU report on the abuse of illegal immigrant kids. The documents are dated between 2009 and 2014 — it’s important to note those dates so reporters don’t get confused.


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