Admittedly it’s still very early to be making predictions about 2020, but the first Granite State poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire last October put Bernie Sanders on top of the Democratic pile for 2020 at 31 percent, followed by Joe Biden at 24 percent and Elizabeth Warren at only 13 percent.

And as we’re usually quick to point out, Sanders isn’t even a Democrat.

Things might have to change, though. On Friday, the Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws panel adopted a new rule that any person who runs for the party’s presidential nomination must fully commit to the party.

Tweeter @AsperGirl framed it this way:

Hillary Clinton superfan Peter Daou reacted to that tweet with the least self-awareness we’ve ever seen:

By the way, anyone who thinks the Republicans are in disarray and the Democrats are putting up a united front for 2018 and 2020, just read some of the replies to Daou’s tweet — both the Bernie Bros. and Hillary’s supporters are still fighting it out for the direction of the party.

No news if the DNC adopted any new rules about rigging the primaries.