The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra captured an interesting clip of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota grilling American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp over his views on #Spygate.

Most of the clip is Camerota arguing over the semantics of “informant” vs. “spy,” but things take a really strange turn around the 0:50 mark, when Camerota drops talk of the Trump campaign and asks Schlapp, theoretically, if someone sent to infiltrate MS-13 would be considered an informant or a spy.

We’ve watched the clip a few times and we’re still not sure what Camerota’s point was: if you’d want a covert source inside MS-13 looking out for “something untoward,” you’d want one in the Trump campaign too? All we know is that whenever liberals bring up MS-13, stupidity tends to bubble to the surface.