Raheem Sterling, who plays soccer for Manchester City, lit up the front page of The Sun with a photo of a semiautomatic rifle tattooed on his leg. “Ace’s sick new tattoo,” it read, as well as “GUN TAT FURY.” (Oh, and don’t miss “Kylie Nude at 50” while perusing this gem of serious journalism.)

Former footballer and current sportscaster Gary Lineker wasn’t buying into the outrage.

Even The Guardian took direct aim at The Sun, calling its story “vicious tabloid snobbery.”

Anti-gun advocates have described the tattoo as “totally unacceptable” and “sickening”. The founder of Mothers Against Guns, Lucy Cope, said: “This tattoo is disgusting. Raheem should hang his head in shame.” With the World Cup barely a couple of weeks away, there have been calls for him to be dropped from the England squad unless he has the tattoo removed, covered, or his leg chopped off. So far, so familiar.

And here’s where Piers “Musket” Morgan comes in, arguing for common sense tattoo control.

What now? A swastika tattoo or a KKK slogan? It’s a gun.


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