We’re old enough to remember slow news days, but there’s something really strange going on with the White House press corps lately.

Playboy’s White House reporter and CNN analyst Brian Karem, who’s been known to console the occasional particularly woke kid whom Trump hates, noted some clouds over the White House Tuesday.

However, more reporters had their eyes on the ground, keeping track of a growing sinkhole outside the press briefing room:

CBS reports that the sinkhole has been “confirmed by groundskeepers.”

Even CNN’s Jim Acosta managed to work a sly dig at the Trump administration into his tweet about the sinkhole. “Swampy weather,” get it?

Yes, that’s a photograph of a videographer shooting footage of the sinkhole — very meta.

Perhaps the most bizarre update from the White House press corps today came from the Daily Caller’s Saagar Enjeti, who noted that a bag of wet socks he spotted in the White House briefing room last Thursday was still hanging around. Speaking of metaphors …