Not surprisingly, liberals are circling the wagons around MSNBC host Joy Reid now that she has apologized for anti-LGBT posts from her old blog, even though she genuinely doesn’t believe she wrote all those hateful things.

Remember Dr. Eugene Gu, the StemExpress customer who slimed Dana Loesch for no apparent reason in his recent defense of Joy Reid?

Yeah, Dana Loesch is “homophobic every single day” — a flat out lie and a non-sequitur to boot. And like we said earlier, how are Joy Reid’s tweets from a decade ago no big deal when the same people went back to Mitt Romney’s high school days to slam him as a candidate?

Well, you can imagine that Gu was captivated by Reid’s apology on “AM Joy” Saturday morning:

Wait up … she took complete ownership of her past remarks by saying she genuinely doesn’t believe she wrote those hateful things and also involving the FBI to see if time traveling hackers inserted them into her old blog archives?

That’s right … tonight is “Nerd Prom” — the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.



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