Remember yesterday when a bunch of journalists like The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin came forward with their support for Joy Reid after further homophobic posts had been unearthed from an archive of her old blog, and she claimed she was hacked?

We were reminded that we had to view the incident “through an intersectional lens,” seeing that Reid is one of the most important black female voices on TV.

Remember today when Richard Grenell, who is openly gay, was confirmed as America’s ambassador to Germany and journalists like HuffPost’s Washington bureau chief tweeted that he was “one of Twitter’s biggest a**holes”?

Now another journalist, David Dale of the Toronto Star, is also upset that a “Twitter troll” like Grenell has been confirmed.

Show us on the doll where the mean man trolled you …. Oh, it looks like Dale blocked Grenell last year:

Yep, that mean girls clique that makes up the mainstream media really doesn’t seem at all excited that an openly gay man has risen to such a lofty position in the administration — ’cause he’s a Twitter troll. Shouldn’t we view this through that intersectional lens and forgive any “mean” tweets?

P.S. He’s done more in his life than tweet, by the way.

Parting thought:

Hey, he’s not wrong.