We here at Twitchy are old enough to remember when there was a difference between “weather” and “climate,” but it seems that distinction is long gone.

Our favorite celebrity climatologist has to be Bette Midler, who likes to tweet about climate change deniers anytime there’s a warm day in winter or a cold day in the summer; remember classics like these, when it was 79 degrees for one day in December in New York?

Now we can add MSNBC host Joy Reid to our distinguished panel of climatologists. She’s keeping a close eye on the thermometer and it seems to be an unseasonably cool day in New York for mid-April. Not really, but just roll with it.

Climate change can’t stop? Maybe that’s why climate-change crusading celebs keep flying private jets despite the carbon emissions.

How much would you bet Reid wouldn’t be complaining about global warming if it were a comfortable 70 degrees today?


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