We knew there’d be trouble on Twitter after we saw that even the Women’s March had posted a positive and tasteful tribute to the late Barbara Bush on Tuesday.

We were as shocked as anybody, but we were also looking forward to progressives attacking each other over a kind word being said about a member of the Bush family in her passing.

Radio host Jason Rantz of KTTH in Seattle noted that among those troubled by the Women’s March’s tweet was socialist Seattle council member Kshama Sawant, who called it “terrible.”

So, what’d she say?

Wow, it’s a wonder there isn’t more support for the Socialist Party, isn’t it? We love the way Sawant suddenly seems concerned about the well-meaning progressives of the Women’s March and their lack of a “political compass.” Maybe worry about their anti-Semitism instead?

What’s wrong? It gives cover to the ruling class and ultimately undermines struggles against oppression!


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