First, the not-really-shocking news:

Twitchy has covered Jill Filipovic plenty in the past, and now she’s writing opinion pieces for CNN. On Tuesday, she published a defense of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg against “the right’s insane sliming” of him.

We know we should be more willing to accept the premise of the piece, but it’s tough to feel to sorry for the “insane sliming” of a kid who told The Outline that the NRA are “pathetic f**kers that want to keep killing our children” and “could have blood from children spattered all over their faces, and they wouldn’t take action, ’cause they all still see those dollar signs.”

Yes, there have been some conspiracy theories about Hogg being a “crisis actor” and some comments have been over the line, but we wouldn’t call Laura Ingraham tweeting “disparaging comments about his college admissions status” as insane sliming.

What’s craziest is where Filipovic takes a far-left turn into anti-GOP territory and essentially accuses Republicans of attacking everyone in Hogg’s generation, from tax cuts to climate change:

While right-wing pundits are viciously attacking young people for having different political opinions, right-wing politicians are undermining these youngsters’ futures. The much-hailed Trump tax cut is expected to raise the federal deficit to $1 trillion by 2020. As this becomes reality, you can expect conservatives to demand cuts to the social safety net, so that today’s young have even less of a parachute.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is hardly worthy of the name, determined as it is to wipe out environmental protections and deny that climate change exists. But it is young people who will ultimately face the slow-rolling devastation of harsh weather, lost homes, dirty air and water, and global conflict — all fueled by humans who chose to continue abusing the Earth, long after we knew better.

She concludes:

The all-sides assault on the young, from media sliming to political undermining, may play to Trump’s base of old white men now. Unfortunately for his party, time moves steadily forward, and as the old die out, the young grow up. Thanks to the GOP and their particularly nasty flying monkeys on Fox and online, our young have no reason to grow up anything but liberal.

Great hire, CNN.