We haven’t checked in with “Headscarves & Hymens” author and New York Times contributor Mona Eltahawy in quite a while; that was back when she proudly vandalized an anti-jihad poster in a New York City subway station. She explained at the time she wasn’t trying to censor any speech; she was just using her spraypaint to put “freedom of expression on top of freedom of expression.”

Speaking of freedom of expression, Eltahawy weighed in this week as did so many others on The Atlantic’s hasty firing of conservative Kevin Williamson.

One in three women have had an abortion? Jezebel had better update its own hot take on the two of Disneys 11 princesses who’ve had abortions.

Check out this white American male and his opinion:

Is Williamson one of America’s bravest writers? Atlantic readers won’t have the opportunity to find out. Many of Williamson’s supporters have even said that his take on the death penalty and abortion went too far, but what’s this about freedom being wasted on white Americans?

(We’re not sure what happened to No. 3, and we’re not sure we’d get it anyway.)