As Twitchy reported, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has posted a statement addressing “the Cambridge Analytica situation” that has dominated the media the last few days:

Just for context, we’re going to go back to Ben Shapiro one more time for his concise analysis of the whole Facebook hullabaloo:

Again, we already seem to be at Step 2: The Washington Post, which we’d certainly file under the “Left,” published a piece Wednesday on the “Facebook crisis” and noting how difficult it is to quit the social media service.

The Post writes:

… the idea of quitting always seems to spread further than the follow-through. Even as we learn more about what Facebook does to us, that knowledge comes into conflict with what Facebook has grown to do for us. For many, that moment of hovering over the deactivate button feels a lot like trying to leave a store that’s giving away candy.

Actor Rob Lowe really put things into context:

To be fair, there’s always Instagram if you feel the compulsion to share photos of your lunch each day.

What does anyone else think? Is it tougher than it seems to quit Facebook?