Ever get the feeling that the Parkland school shooting survivors who are now activists under the #NeverAgain banner are so popular with the mainstream media because they say all the “right” things?

As Twitchy reported, “selected” Parkland survivors (the pro-gun control, anti-NRA ones) were invited on Monday to hold a live Twitter Q&A session, which somehow veered into the area of their white privilege. Is it because they’re white that the media is giving their school shooting so much attention?

Student David Hogg even commented on the need to have fewer rich white men like himself in government, calling the current situation “disgusting.”

Someone must have brought up white privilege again Tuesday, because Parkland survivor and activist Sarah Chadwick tweeted about how the Parkland students are using their white privilege to “amplify” the voices of minorities dealing with gun violence.

Not everyone wanted the Parkland students speaking to “amplify” minorities. Boy, the speeches at the March for Our Lives are going to be lit.

We should get CNN’s Brian Stelter to weigh in on that one.