As Twitchy has reported, President Donald Trump has taken a lot of flak for calling Russia’s Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his election victory, which most reasonable people are calling a “sham” at best.

Senator John McCain, for one, took Trump to task for acknowledging Putin’s “victory”:

Whatever you think of Trump’s call to Putin (we’d like to see an actual readout of what was discussed), we have to imagine it paled in comparison to the congratulatory letter sent by Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, which represents the EU in an official capacity.

“I hope that you will use your fourth term in office to pursue this goal,” Juncker writes. “I will always be a partner in this endeavor.”

He concludes, “I wish you every success in carrying out your high responsibilities.”

As much as his critics call Trump a puppet of Putin, he did re-draw Barack Obama’s famous “red line” by breaking with the previous administration and agreeing to sell lethal arms to the Ukrainian government, which is engaged in conflict with pro-Russian separatists.


Quick, somebody make a joke about Mitt Romney and the ’80s wanting its foreign policy back.