Remember when MTV — Music Television — played music videos?

We’ll admit we quit watching MTV quite a while back, but it seems the network has gone all-in on tackling racism — in its own, unique, ineffective way. Remember “White People,” directed by celebrity illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas?

Better yet, remember MTV’s ill-advised 2017 New Year’s resolutions for “white guys”? That video was such an embarrassment the network actually pulled it.

That doesn’t mean the network has stopped trying. Now it has a show called “Decoded,” featuring episodes like “White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining,” and in the latest episode, MTV busts the racist idea of “the super wealthy, educated Asian American.” Did you know there are actually poor Asian-Americans? Watch comedian Lily Du as long as you can stand it:

Like we said, watch as long as you can stand it.

In case you need a palate cleanser after that, here’s the late David Bowie asking Mark Goodman back in 1983 why MTV never played black artists: