We at Twitchy have come to deeply respect Parkland mass shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv: he hasn’t been given the media’s stamp of approval and he’s OK with that — instead, he’s been meeting with legislators on both sides of the aisle (and the president and first lady) to find a solution to school shootings that respects the Second Amendment.

But it’s this tweet that really got us Saturday:

Mutual respect? Must we remind these kids that this is Twitter and it’s 2018?

And that’s something we’ve been hammering over and over; while the mainstream news outlets and social media services (hey Twitter) might have settled on a handful of Parkland survivors to represent the school, there are more than 3,000 Parkland survivors — more than we’ll ever hear from on cable TV, most who don’t consider themselves activists, but not one whose opinion doesn’t count.

Speaking of respectful discourse, just a teensy-tiny request: maybe a little less of this, please: