Hmm … after Rep. Nancy Pelosi described the GOP’s tax cut plan as “the end of the world” and “Armageddon,” we remember writing a few posts reminding rich celebrities who didn’t want the tax cuts that they could always just cut a check to the Treasury and pay whatever they wanted.

So it’s always fun when liberals, like Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, fantasize about what it would be like to be really, really rich; i.e., “billionaire rich.” First of all, scale back those fantasies a bit, because the government is going to be taking a big chunk of that money, every year, forever.

But what would liberals do with the leftover money that government decided they could keep?

Buying a regional newspaper or two would be a great way to rid yourself of a lot of that burdensome income — or you could just burn the money to heat the schools in Baltimore, speaking of low-income schools.

Yes, abortions and porn. You expected something else? Guns, maybe?

We all know how Planned Parenthood is hurting for money.

Sorry, low-income men. Get jobs or something.

Hey, we’re not knocking all of these ideas, but notice how many billionaires would just make things (daycare, tuition, abortions, health care) free for everyone — that’s gonna add up quickly: doctors and professors like to get paid too.

Finland gives every pregnant woman a free baby box containing clothes and other newborn necessities, and the cardboard box also doubles as the baby’s first bed. Of course a company in California is already rolling out the idea here.

We believe you could do that.

Call us crazy, but isn’t the government supposed to be using tax money to do things like provide clean drinking water to cities?

How did these people become billionaires anyway? We’re guessing capitalism, so it’s funny how many would try to rid themselves of their money as quickly as possible rather than start businesses and provide jobs.

Hey conservatives, what would you do if you were really, really rich?

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