A lot of people have been tweeting about the 20th anniversary of the release of “The Big Lebowski,” but FCC Chairman Ajit Pai apparently didn’t get the memo that he’s not allowed to talk.

As Twitchy reported, Pai tweeted this Monday:

That inspired website Mashable to compose a lengthy piece about how Pai, “the driving force behind the effort kill net neutrality,” wants to make it harder to stream “The Big Lebowski.”

On Tuesday, The A.V. Club weighed in as well with a piece titled, “Ajit Pai will not rest until he has killed The Big Lebowski, too.”

Check out this opening paragraph:

Within the Trump administration’s grand menagerie of oil-blooded lizard people, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stands tall as one of the most truly loathsome figures. On April 23, he will complete the task he was put in place for, killing net neutrality finally. At that point he will rest easy knowing that the dream of the internet as a truly egalitarian agent for cultural transformation will be pretty much over, and that Comcast and Facebook will be even richer.

It’s only March, but be prepared for the apocalyptic ravings about the death of net neutrality to reignite next month, threatening to kill all those left alive after the GOP’s lethal tax cuts and corporate bonus payouts.

Hey, we’re old enough to remember the Internet before net neutrality and we survived somehow.