Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday on another dig at NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch by comedian Christopher Titus, who posted a still photo of Loesch holding a gun to her head with her finger on the trigger, claiming that “the NRA reviewed this and STILL let the public see it.”

The only hitch, as Loesch explained: the still was from an edited-together snuff video made by an anti-gun fanatic to make it look like Loesch had killed herself. Titus said he’d retract his tweet if Loesch could provide a link, and he sobered up rather quickly.

Unfortunately, Titus went from posting a fake still of Dana Loesch to posting a piece from Media Matters. It almost sounded for a minute like he was ready to engage in a genuine exchange, too.

Doesn’t Dana Loesch understand that people just want to “do something” — they don’t want to have that discussion they keep insisting they want to have.