Like we said Monday, billboards proclaiming “The NRA is a terrorist organization” aren’t even worth a second look; it’s certainly not a new take from the anti-gun crowd, though it’s become uncomfortable shorthand for some as they try to bully organizations to cut ties with the NRA.

They also want NRATV dropped from the lineups of streaming services like Amazon, Google, AppleTV and Roku — so viewers won’t even have to opportunity to accidentally stumble across videos like this one:

Did you see how NRATV directly addressed that video to people like Rosie O’Donnell and Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, who call the NRA a terrorist organization? That’s practically terrorism itself, according to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Thanks, CSGV, but we already got Merriam-Webster’s definition of terrorism from … Gov. Dan Malloy, who used it to kick off a 12-tweet thread Wednesday about Wayne LaPierre and the NRA:

Has anyone checked in on Gov. Malloy? We’d like to know he’s OK after the NRA tweeted a video to his attention.

At least the CSGV did the nation a service by proving that the NRA is not a terrorist organization; just because some people are for some reason terrorized that there are millions of Americans who support the Second Amendment doesn’t make it so.