Misogynist Ron Perlman tweets a KICKASS photo of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Posted at 3:41 pm on March 06, 2018 by Brett T.

When he’s not on set, actor Ron Perlman likes to post mean girl tweets about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, like this gem from last November:

Perlman was back at it today, posting a photo of “mascot” Huckabee Sanders that we’re sure he thought was unflattering.

Actually, we think it’s a pretty kickass photo: it’s like she’s burning a hole right through poor Jim Acosta using nothing but heat vision. Still, Perlman’s intentions were pretty clear — a lot of his followers got in on the act, although these are not those followers:

As long as we’re talking about the Left and how they view women, Dana Loesch is still dealing with this photo that isn’t even her:

Ladies and gentlemen, liberals and their great respect for women; if your views differ, you’re either a pig or a slut.




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