You all remember Sam Nunberg, right? No? We didn’t either, but he’s doing a lot of talking today and it’s like Christmas for The Resistance and the mainstream media. Nunberg, a former aide to Donald Trump, said Monday that he thinks special counsel Robert Mueller might have something on the president.

Here’s CNBC’s piece, including a bit of an interaction with Katy Tur in which Nunberg says he thinks Mueller may have something on Trump.

Adding to the drama: Nunberg also said that he was refusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena.

Nunberg also had quite the interviews with CNN’s Gloria Borger and Jake Tapper in which he complained about the amount of paperwork requested by Mueller’s group.

Tapper had some impromptu legal advice for Nunberg:

“I am not a fan of Donald Trump. He treated me like crap,” Nunberg told Tapper, but he also called the Mueller probe “a witch hunt.”

Stay tuned for more — Nunberg’s in a talking mood.

* * *


Now Nunberg’s in the MSNBC studios with Ari Melber … whatever he’s on is a hell of a drug.

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We don’t even know if Nunberg is finished talking today or not, but we had to add this tweet which perfectly sums up the whole mess.

And the media is lapping it up.

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