If you read Twitchy regularly (and of course you should), you’re familiar with the “Republicans pounce” school of journalism, in which Democrats do something stupid and the media’s take is always how the GOP has “pounced” on the opportunity to make Democrats look bad.

John Sexton of Twitchy sister-site Hot Air has found what’s he’s calling the inevitable piece in which Republicans pounce on Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel.

Michael Grunwald writes in Politico Magazine a piece describing how Israel “became the NRA’s perfect foil.” Grunwald writes:

Israel, a career cop who has served as an undercover narcotics officer and a SWAT commander, stepped right into a nasty partisan fight: He has become a shiny ball used by Republicans to distract the public and change a politically awkward subject — in this case, the debate over gun restrictions after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

Gee, Israel was cheered by the crowd at CNN’s show trial where NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch had to be escorted out by security. What possibly could have come to light since then to make Israel that “shiny ball used by Republicans” to argue that the NRA is not the problem?

Can we get an Amen?

Yeah, get this:

The critics argue that the sheriff’s office failed to prevent the shooting despite dozens of warnings about the shooter, then failed to stop the shooting once it was underway. Israel has not made a persuasive case that they’re wrong, quibbling instead over how many calls were made to his department and how many deputies failed to enter the school, while insisting that if mistakes were made they weren’t his responsibility.

The “critics” argue. Damn those critics and their facts.

So yeah, let’s not be “distracted” from the need for gun control by the attacks on Israel and his rampant failures.