President Trump gave a closed-door speech to Republicans in Florida Saturday, but CNN was able to obtain a recording of the speech and highlighted a bit about Trump suggesting he might “give a shot someday” to becoming president for life.

Anyone who bothered  to click through and read CNN’s report saw that reporter Kevin Liptak called the speech “freewheeling” and suggested that the remarks, “delivered inside the ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate during a lunch and fundraiser, were upbeat, lengthy, and peppered with jokes and laughter.”

To its credit, CNN did post the audio as part of its video report (available here) — and yes, it’s painfully obvious Trump was joking and playing off of the crowd response.

Check out how many blue checkmarks were triggered by Brian Stelter’s tweet, though.

DeRay has spoken, people. DERAY.

Yeah, well even Barack Obama packed up his stuff and turned over the keys after 8 years, so we’re pretty sure the peaceful transfer of power will survive a second Trump term. Besides, haven’t the intelligentsia in the mainstream media been reporting for a year now that Trump really doesn’t want the job, never wanted it, and is looking for an excuse to leave?

Important note: conservatives of all people know this. There’s also that Second Amendment thing in there that liberals think ought to be repealed to appease a handful of telegenic high school kids, but there you go.

Remember when we all freaked out over this story? We don’t.

Once more for giggles:

Let’s give Greg Sargent of The Washington Post a bit of credit for admitting it sounds like an offhand joke to a room full of supporters.

Listen to the clip. He’s joking.