If you ask us, there’s a litmus test for whether a person has Trump Derangement Syndrome: remember back during the campaign when Donald Trump turned to the cameras in an aside and asked Russia to maybe track down those 33,000 deleted emails of Hillary Clinton’s?

So what do you think? Was Trump a) making fun of the press and its obsession with Russia, or b) literally asking Russia to help find Hillary’s emails? As Twitchy has reported, Sean Spicer went with Option A, while many liberals and reporters (the same thing, really) went with Option B. Here, for example, is The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush responding to Spicer at the time:

Well, we’re here yet again. “Mueller’s investigators have asked witnesses whether Trump was aware of plans for WikiLeaks to publish the [Podesta] emails,” Katy Tur reported Wednesday, citing “multiple people familiar with the probe.” Note she doesn’t report what witnesses have said, only that the question is allegedly being asked.

On MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Wednesday, Tur expressed her excitement that the Robert Mueller probe is back on track after losing its way and getting into obstruction of justice territory:

Is it just us, or did WikiLeaks dump those John Podesta emails, and wasn’t their release the fault of Podesta for falling for a “phishing” attempt and giving away his password?

Whatta scoop! But this is Katy Tur, the journalist who’s like a firefighter rushing toward the fire — without any fire equipment.

At least The Resistance still has some hope to cling to as far as the Mueller investigation goes.

The issue is why Lieu is using so many question marks in his tweet if he’s so sure there was collusion with Russia.