As Twitchy reported, Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t really in the mood to talk to reporters about reports that the Russians also helped his campaign during 2016.

However, it looks like Sanders got help from another foreign power — the Australians.

According to the Federal Election Commission, the Australian Labor Party asked Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2015 to allow Australian delegates to be placed as volunteers. Bernie 2016 agreed and, according to the complaint, “treated the ALP delegates no differently from any other campaign out-of-town volunteers and was aware that they were receiving a stipend from ALP.”

Australian Labor Party volunteers encouraged voter attendance at campaign events, recruited volunteers, canvassed with volunteers, and help plan events — with their flights to the U.S. and a daily stipend paid for by the ALP.

It’s a funny story … someone should ask Sanders about it to see if he does more than grunt this time.

Absolutely. It’s not exactly a foreign government interfering with an election, but still, a foreign political party is no laughing matter.