As Twitchy reported, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Friday were applauding companies for suspending discount programs for NRA members and urging other companies to join in.

After all, they argued, the NRA incites violence with its ads and attacks America’s law enforcement officers — news to us, certainly.

On Saturday morning, though, Scarborough seemed to soften a bit on his stance toward the NRA. Here’s Parkland school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky:

Sorry, guy — we appreciate that you’ve been traumatized by an unspeakable attack, but the NRA is its members. But back to Scarborough:

Oh, so it’s the handful in D.C. that attack law enforcement and incite violence with ads, while the majority of members “respect the law” and — get this — “disagree with the D.C. lobbyists’ most extreme views.” If that were true, the NRA’s membership would be dropping precipitously — why pay dues to a lobbying group that you disagree with?

In any case, Mary Katherine Ham noted that Scarborough had walked back his stance on the NRA quite a bit; maybe the demonization campaign wasn’t working?

Scarborough disagrees and says he’s been saying the same thing for years: NRA members are good, patriotic folk, but the leaders inside the D.C. bubble are extremists.

That’s generous … but not what we’ve been hearing. How about that “Kill the NRA” billboard? Does that mean just kill the D.C. lobbyists?

Exactly. The NRA doesn’t sell guns; it sells memberships to millions of like-minded individuals.


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