It’s really unfortunate that President Trump isn’t getting more (or any) credit for Wednesday afternoon’s “listening session” with survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, their parents, and teachers. Students floated some very good ideas (such as holding more emergency drills and addressing bullying) that would be very easy to implement.

But no, because Trump was hosting the event, it had to be trashed. Maybe we’re wrong, but the list President Trump was photographed holding looks to us like notes to open the session.

We’d also venture a guess to say that No. 2 reads, “What can we do to help you feel safe?”

Again, we’re assuming that these were notes to kick off the session, but apparently, we’re the only people to think that. Others seemed to think they were canned responses to students’ comments or even reminders to the president to express empathy.

So, will the mainstream media latch onto this hot scoop?

* * *


We asked when the mainstream media would latch on to this hot scoop, didn’t we? Well, The Washington Post already has published its thoughtful “analysis” of Trump’s “empathy deficit.”

OK, it’s not just us. Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times weighed in with a dissenting opinion.