By now, everyone knows that Ohio governor and 2020 hopeful John Kasich’s father was a mailman, but did you know he also has a good friend who’s a big gun collector?

Kasich was just talking with his gun-happy friend and asked what he’d lose if he were no longer able to buy a “God-darned” AR-15. He shared the story of his exchange on CNN.

Kasich isn’t only going big on “common sense” gun control laws; he’s also reportedly cleansing his website of any pro-gun material in preparation for 2020.

Anna Giaritelli reports:, the political website for the Ohio governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate, was edited Sunday afternoon to reflect his increasing support of gun control. Up until late this weekend, the webpage had featured pictures and statements that reiterated his opposition to former President Barack Obama’s views in favor of gun control laws.

We’ve said it before: what proponents of “common sense gun control” really want is for there to be no guns. And after a school shooting like the one in Parkland, Fla., they’ll use whatever leverage they can to wedge open that goal, be it demonizing the AR-15 in particular or lying about Trump rolling back mental-health checks for gun purchases.

Looks like Kasich is gunning for the AR-15 … for starters.

Looks like Kasich will be running as the “common sense” Republican candidate against Donald Trump in 2020.


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