Campus Reform reports Wednesday that a page on the University of Dayton’s website advises against using gendered language in an effort to “create an environment where all persons feel respected, safe, and valued.”

However, those guidelines against gendered language, which appear on the Women’s Center section of the site, extend not only to professional terms like businessperson, mail carrier, and legislator — they also include “husband” and “wife.”

What’s that about dignity again? “As a Christian and educational community, we recognize that every person has innate dignity because all people are made in the image and likeness of God and we seek to create an environment where all persons feel respected, safe, and valued,” the website explains.

Non-gendered substitutions for husband and wife include spouse, partner, and significant other. And Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be pleased to hear that “humankind” and “society” are preferred replacements for mankind.


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